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Updated on Apr 20, 2017

my child is not intrested in education .always says. lm not going school,tution. what i do?

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| Apr 20, 2017

hi Bhawika! I understand your concerns! u need to talk to him and set a routine for him. tell him the importance of studies and involve his father in the discussion. make him meet his cousins or uncles who are successful in life and who could share with him how much studies are important. allocate him work and make sure to check it everyday and make him do corrections. make studies interesting by finding his preferential style of learning. give examples from day to day life so that he could relate to those. make his surroundings such that their are many reinforcements around.. update yourself about his day to day progress. motivate him and praise him when he strives to work hard. reward him for his efforts. give him positive feedback. hope this helps!

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