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Created by Pallavi
Updated on Jun 10, 2017

improve intereste in study

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| Jun 18, 2017

Hi Shikha, thanks for your precious suggestions

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| Jun 10, 2017

hi Pallavi! I understand your concerns! you need to create his interest in studies through things and methods , he is already interested in and enjoys doing . for instance if he likes to learn by seeing say watching videos on net ,u could teach him the concepts by teaching him online or representing it in a diagrammatic form or with pictures. for instance if u want to teach him about types of plants such as herbs, shrubs, creepers , and climbers , try showing him pics of each with examples... if he learns by doing, take him to be nursery and let him explore by seeing real plants and even plant saplings at home. if he learns by listening, then u could read out the chapter to him and explain . make it interesting by adding humor and also give examples from day to day life.. ask questions to keep him interested. praise him with positive feedback. Pallavi modify your style of teaching lessons as per his interest , u would see him waiting for study time. hope this helps!!

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| Jun 10, 2017

please suggest that how to improve intereste in study to my 4years old baby girl

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