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Updated on Jul 03, 2017

hii. my son is in 3rd class. he has lot of grasping power. only one major problem is he writes very slowly n he never completes his c. w. how to improve the speed n neatness with his hand writing. i told him aoftly many times even yelled at him also. i know shouting on the kid is the bad method. i just thought atleast by the fear he will write in the school. it works for 1 or 2 days. i know i am wrong. please help me how can i develop interest in hand writing. please try to understand.

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| Jul 04, 2017

tq so much Shikha

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| Jul 04, 2017

hi Harini! it's difficult to keep calm when child regularly comes back home with incomplete work. it's advisable to make him write a page of diary or whatever he wishes to and let him share with u all. let it become a habit. praise him for his efforts. also make him copy a page from textbook within stipulated time span measured with the help of sand clock ( children find it an interesting Target to chase). again when he is successful in his attempt do reward him. gradually he would pick up speed. avoid scolding , rather praise him when he is good. teach him how to copy sums first and then he could solve those later. similarly in English and Hindi he could note down main points and start filling gaps later. this way he would get smarter in copying from blackboard and would not come back home with incomplete work. pleae go through this blog. hope u will find the suggested tips handy. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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