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Updated on Apr 03, 2020

I believe due to this lockdown,children are loosing crucial time. howsoever hard we try, they are not being able to comply to the schedule. how do we ensure that children stay safe and at the same time make efficient use of this time at hand and it is a win-win situation for them in the end.

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| Apr 03, 2020

Hi Dia ! Yes, do agree with you. In this state of pandemonium due to the pandemic ,it is difficult for children to focus on studies as they are also concerned regarding the unfoldings of each day. still you could try to ensure that these things do not affect your child much by avoiding discussion on this topic. however you could set the schedule and make sure the child sticks to it more or less. Keep a watch on what he is studying and make test papers so that he takes studies seriously. Also let him do activities of his interest to minimise boredom.

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