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Created by Sandhyazya
Updated on Mar 05, 2016

Hi.. can we add egg everyday in my 3. 4 yrs old daughter's diet.

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| Mar 05, 2016

Hi Syandhyazya! Eggs are extremely nutritious and an excellent source of protein. If u r able to incorporate at least one egg everyday in your child's diet,it will take care of most of the nutrients. u could add an egg or two in a day to her diet in many forms such as boiled egg,scambled egg, poached egg, fried egg etc .In case she doesn't like the taste u can give it in hidden forms in a french toast, pancake, cake, puddings, soufflé or egg curry etc. It is advisable to first of all check that your child is not allergic to an egg by giving a small portion and waiting for its response. In case u don't find any reaction u could make figures /flowers / animals with hard boiled eggs and present it or u could make slices and decorate around a bowl of rice inverted on a plate. Make stories around eggs or crafts with fake eggs. Also don't forget to have it yourself with the child. I am sure child won't b able to resist it with so many innovations from your end. Hope it helps!

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| Mar 05, 2016

Yes you may. Either in a boil form or steamed in a microwave

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