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Emergengy night food what to gv my son other than breastfeeding.

Aksa Shaikh

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Feb 27, 2016

My son is of 7 months and sleep around 2 am at night and by 9. 30 i feed him his food . Bt by the time i sleep he gets up and starts playing and after that is he is hungry. So i needed some help as in what to give in emergency food to my son at night. And he eats cerelac shishuaahar moong dal khicdi.

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Nazia Khan

| Apr 08, 2016

Esum is good

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Aksa Shaikh

| Feb 27, 2016

Is it ok if i give him milk? Full fat milk . Coz cow's milk is not to b gven til he is one year?

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 27, 2016

You may give him carrot to nibble. Or give him some milk that will help him sleep. My sister in law had special toddler biscuits that she gave my nephew in the night.

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