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Encouraging to eat roti

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Sep 08, 2016

Hello Mommies. My daughter is 20 months and she does not eat roti or anything which is like roti like chilla or dosa. She will only have 2-3 bites and after that she would chew the bite for sometime n then spit out and eats daal or veggie with a spoon. Finally I have to grind it with some veggie and make her eat. I have tried diverting her mind and make her eat but no results. She eats things which can be fed with spoon comfortably. Really worried as to how to make her eat roti with veggie.

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| Sep 08, 2016

Hi Aakriti, try to feed when you know she is really hungry try feeding roti one time in a day, mash with dal or vegetables and try to feed this is how i do for my daughter she hates taking solid but now m able to feed her one chapati at night and she is now 22month.

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