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Enteroviral infections - symtoms and how to deal with it ..

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Updated on Jun 20, 2012

Enteroviral infections typically cause a non-specific febrile illness and with that you can see fairly high fever. In other words, just like the thermometer as summer heat arrives , 101-104 degrees of fever is not uncommon in the patients.   Remember the mantra, “fever is our friend”. I think it is almost worse to have a high fever in the summer as you are even more uncomfortable because it is already hot! With that being said, if your child has a fever, don’t bundle them up with layers of clothes and blankets.   It is perfectly acceptable to have your younger child in a diaper and t-shirt, and older children can be in sundress or shorts rather than long sleeves and pants.   Bundling may increase the body temperature, even while you are driving to the doctor’s office. The hot body needs to breathe in order to cool itself down. These summer enteroviruses may cause other symptoms as well as fever, so many kids may have sore throats and also vomiting and having diarrhea. With this type of virus one also hears complaints of headaches and body aches (myalgias).   Besides treating the fevers, treat the other symptoms to make them comfortable.   If they are vomiting do not give them anything to eat and start giving them frequent sips of liquids such as electrol or Ginger Ale. Small volumes are the key.  

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