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Updated on Feb 12, 2014

Hi Parents, My niece is 15 years and she is appearing for her first board exams this year. She is a bright student but the she gets tensed at the time of examination and commits silly mistakes. Her parents are worried about this problem. Please suggest some measures.

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| Aug 25, 2015


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| Feb 13, 2014

Shikha Batra: Thursday, Feb 13 Delete | Report Abuse Hi Neha! Exam times stress is inevitable but when it starts affecting performance it becomes a cause of worry. There are many steps that one can take to alleviate stress such as: ONE: when exams are approaching just do not touch new topics rather revise previous ones. Focussing on new topics at the last moment would create anxiety and thereby stress. TWO: make a good time table in which there is time of rest as well as relaxation. If mind gets tired it wud stop taking further messages and would rather create confusion and tension. THREE: do utilize early morning hours as mind is fresh and very receptive and call it a day early at night say by 10 or 10. 30 pm. FOUR: do not revise just one subject one day , focus on 2 nd subject too. This wud take away boredom as well as u will b able to cover two subjects simultaneously. FIVE: Practice model test papers with watch on time. Get it checked and make sure u do not repeat mistakes next time. SIX: Keep urself hypdrated , have fruits in between. This will rejuvenate u. SEVEN: do stretching excercises or a stroll in d corridor or something that u like to do in between. Thus will again charge u up. EIGhT: discuss ur anxieties with a friend or parents or siblings with whom u feel comfortable opening up. NINE: tell urself u have done ur bit and 'U CAN DO IT' , TEN: revise ur paper at least once before submitting. There is advise for parents too. Please do not put pressure on ur child, never do comparison with other kids/ siblings. Try to motivate them by telling them they are doing their job really well. Go to their rooms to give water, fruits in between to check on child's well being and motivate too. Keep minimum distractions at home. And never let ur anxieties regarding exams pass on to the child. Just tell them they can do it. This should work!

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| Feb 12, 2014

Hi Neha! Here is a link to a parenting blog that you may find relevant -

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