excess naughtyness and arrogant

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 18, 2017

my daughter is 3yrs4mnth old nowdays she become very naughty and arrogant. she dont listen anything she repeatedly do the things which we ask her not to do. As she is very innocent and disciplined bt sometimes she behave like anything

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| Jul 18, 2017

hi Fariya Jaffry! I do understand your concern. that's okay if she is disciplined most of the times and sometimes get stubborn. Fariya u could just tell her "Aafiya u been such a sweetheart, I know u don't want to do this , let's try saying the same thing again. " then u could say the same thing politely and praise her for listening to u. sometimes giving a reaction or scolding her ,makes the child be defensive , and carry on with bad behavior. just helping the child realize the same thing politely and calmly by hugging her would make her listen to u . hope this helps!

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