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Updated on Feb 06, 2017

hi, my son became a mobile & internet addict. Worrying now so much about his addiction. He is wasting his maximum time now with mobile only. I'm being with him so friendly & trying to divert his mind on other good things, but it's not working. He is good in his studies & hobbies hence I don't want to be harsh with him. But I definitely want to remove his mobile addiction. I want him to live in a real world & come out of a imaginary world so that he could live a practical and successful life. Please suggest me to get out of it for my son. Thank you.

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| Feb 10, 2017

hy dont say no to internet .In todays world internet is necessity for every one there is a peer pressure also bt try to fix d tym of internet loke one hour or halh an hour

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| Feb 07, 2017

Hi Mahesh, try to engage him outdoor, enroll him into some classes like dance,aerobics,karate anything of his interest and limit the usage of mobile.

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