Family is complete by kids. Generally second child is born after years of first bright. Sometimes gap is more than 5 years. Parents forgets that gap or huge gap among kids can bring sibling rivalry. Which is harmful for entire family. What's your say to this, new mom-pop..

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Nov 19, 2019

sibling rivalary

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| Dec 20, 2019

Absolutely well said Shikha... rivalry has got nothing to do with age...

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| Nov 19, 2019

Hi Deepti ! Sibling rivalry is inevitable irrespective of age Gap between kids . However it's noticed , the more the gap between the siblings ,the more the elder one would play a responsible role towards younger one and be more or less like a parent . Sibling rivalry is healthier too for their relationship as it strengthens the bond that siblings share. make sure you do not take sides and remain neutral. Try and set some rules and punish both for not obeying. praise both together. the more the comparison from parents end ,the more will be the jealousy and enimosity between siblings.

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