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Updated on Sep 16, 2017

hi friends i have two kids. now am planning for tubectima. which one is good either normal operation or button hole operation. please give me best suggestions

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| Sep 16, 2017

hi p bhavya ! hope u r doing well! fellow parents please suggest.

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| Sep 17, 2017

Dear Bhavya, How old is ur second baby? It wud have been best if u opted for tubectomy if ur second baby was caesarean. After taking d baby out dey wud have done tubectomy immediately. There was no need for abdominal surgery for tubectomy in dat case. If ur second baby is too young den I feel dat u can go for IUD instead. Dat will give u protection for 5 or 10 yrs. If ur age is 30 suppose; 2 IUDs will cover up ur reproductive age if we consider menopause at 50. Becoz after abdominal surgery it wud be difficult to take care of ur baby immediately if u dont have other baby care providers at home. let ur younger baby be atleast 5 yrs old before u think of permanent family planning. Instead u can convince ur partner for vasectomy. vasectomy is a very minor operation compared to tubectomy. ur partner will be fit to join duty d very next day. n if u have made up ur mind for tubectomy den go for lap instead of open surgery in a reputed hospital. It will result faster recovery comparatively.

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