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Fan or AC?? Which is better for babies?

7 to 11 years

Created by Sneha
Updated on Apr 11, 2015

Fan or AC?? Which is better for babies?

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| Jun 25, 2015

Nice to know I was too worried about this

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| Apr 12, 2015

Sneha, There is no bottomline on this, I think. It depends: fan is better sometimes as it allows you to keep the room doors open which in turn keeps the air circulating, allowing fresh air to come in, but the downside is when a child is sick or has an injury, direct draft of air from the fan can aggravate illness/pain or give him a cold etc. Ideally, I think, it is important to keep the child away from getting direct drafts of cold air be it from the A/C or the fan. Keep the temperature comfortable and clad the child well--in case he is not in the habit of covering himself with a sheet. Also, do not addict the child to either--let him enjoy the fresh air from the balcony on some nights and A/C on paticularly hot nights.

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| Apr 11, 2015

Sneha - mantaining a certain ambient temperature for newly borns is the key. One of the watchouts is leaving the baby alone in a room with the aircon on, avoid that if you could. being around in an air conditioned room or in case there is a fluctuations in ambient temperature.

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