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Fear in kids

3 to 7 years

Created by Sandy
Updated on Jun 01, 2017

My kids fears going in swimming pool. And even after trying a lot many times, I have not been able to take out that fear from him. He even is not interested seeing other children playing in pool. And recently I also realized that he fears bathing in shower too. He insists on bathing via bucket only.

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| Jun 01, 2017

Thanks a lot. Bit relieved to know that it's not unusual. Actually he is the only kid in his class who sits at a distance while other kids enjoy the same. So I felt to share my concern.

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| Jun 01, 2017

hi Sandy! this is a common fear amongst children. please acknowledge his fear and if avoidable do not the force him to go to swimming pool till he is ready to. if u still want him to , promise him before leaving, he can just watch u swimmimg, or take care of your stuff there and u will not force him. let him take baby steps , and just let him watch from a distance for a week or even 10 days till he is ready. then may be he will put his feet inside and even go to swimming pool suitable for children with swim floats or rings. as far as fear of shower is concerned, that is again not unusual as children don't like it when water enters at speed in their eyes, nose and mouth especially when it's hot as they fear getting burnt, or it could be the slippery floor that makes him apprehensive. give him time to overcome his fears naturally. u could buy a child size pool and let him enjoy in it for few months , till he is ready for the real one. hope this helps!

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