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Created by Sakshi
Updated on Apr 24, 2017

even aftr bf session, my baby puts hands in her mouth& cries. I m occasionally feeding her wid formula milk. kindly advice is my bf sufficient for her hunger, she is 45 days old.

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| Apr 25, 2017

thanks Shikha for sharing ur experience n docs advice.

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| Apr 24, 2017

I hope my reply is usefull to you

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| Apr 24, 2017

Hello Sakshi. This is Shikha here from borivali mother of 5month old daughter Even i faced the same problem. I doctor advised me to feed my daughter alternatively Like morning after i used to give her top feed. So that she is able to sleep for long durations. Then two times my feed. Then again top feed. Then two times my feed. This totation used to go on till she gets her good night sleep. Finally before going to bed in used to give her top feed again for long hours sleep To increase your breastmilk produce have bajra soup, khajor, nuts and goond soup

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