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Updated on Jun 11, 2019

Hi. I have a problem to feed my children. I don't know how to feed them with healthy diet. I'm from central Asia and can't understand some of your receipts. my children are 3 years old and 8 months.

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| Jun 11, 2019

hi shoira ! u could add veggies, and fruits to the recipes to make them healthy.. please let us know which recipe u have not been able to understand , we would try and simplify it for u..

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| Jun 12, 2019

Hi Shiora, for both of your children, make sure that you are including fresh veggies and fruits in their diet. Fruits can be given to 8 month old baby in the form of puree. Consult pediatrician before introducing any new fruits or veggies for baby as some might be allergic. As Ayesha said, if you can be specific about any recipe that you didn't understand, we can let you know

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