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Updated on Apr 10, 2017

Hi all, recently i have started semi solids like daal ka pani , mashed banana and orange juice etc for my baby boy. but i am quite confused when to give what and when to move to next stage. Please advice correct pattern.

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| Apr 10, 2017

hi anukrati.... start one thing at a time.... gve one kind of new food for a week and den try a new one.... u can give small quantities of dal n mashed rice 1nce in da aftrnoon and again in the evening... late evening by 7pm... fruits u can start giving boiled and mashed apple, avocado, water melon, mush melon ..veggies u can start boiled and mashed potatoes, Sweet potatoes, carrots, beetroot, spinach, peas, methi... give a gap of about 3hrs for each feed ... remember ur baby still needs breast milk so u have to time the food accordingly... u can give ragi malt in the mrng as breakfast... den slowly switch to other foods like dosa or idly but without salt or sugar... u can optionally use jaggery to sweeten the food if required only.... be slow and steady one at a time.... n keep observing the reaction to each food... if ur a non vegetarian u can start eggsonce ur boy is about 7. 5 months ....boiled egg yolks only not the white ....

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