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Updated on Sep 17, 2019

my twin babies are premature born babies and we're in NICU for 15 days. how much ever I breast feed them it's not sufficient, they will sleep only after taking formula feed Is it normal kindly suggest

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| Sep 26, 2019

How weeks old your babies were when they are born,mine was born at 28 weeks and is in nicu

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| Sep 18, 2019

yes that's the challenge with formula feed. once babies r given bottle fed, they prefer it over breastfeed. it's easy to suckle, and it's filling.. u could gradually reduce bottle feed by replacing it with breastfeed ,and finally one day stop giving it at all. this might require little patience. however , if continued they might absolutely withdraw from taking breastfeed.

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| Sep 18, 2019

Hi Zara.. thank you for the response. they were fed with the formula feed in NICU. my doc told me that they will reduce the feed as I start breast feed. but even if I feed them for an hour they will sleep only after formula feed

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| Sep 17, 2019

hi @ Mounika! it's advisable to have a healthy and balanced diet yourself. if yr doctor has prescribed u to give formula feed, u can continue with it. however , the more u will feed,the more will be the milk production.

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