Feeding with bottle sipper or spoon after 6 months

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Updated on Jun 15, 2018

My son is completing 6 months in a few days till now I only breastfeed him. now I want to start formula. my concern is that which one is preferred feeding bottle sipper or with spoon to start FM after 6 months or should I start with toned milk

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| Jun 15, 2018

hi Pooja Pant ! if u wish ,u can continue breastfeeding till yr baby is 2 years old.. having said that u can give formula milk till yr baby is one year old. although spoon bowl is safer, but it's very time consuming and gets messier at times due to spilling of milk . however if u feel u can feed with that, it's better than bottles as there is lesser chance of infection in that case. u might find this blog useful.

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