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Updated on Jul 31, 2016

Hi daughter is 3 yrs 4 months old... she is 11. 5kg,feeding is big problem. she don't try even a little spicy food.. have a sweet tooth. what's videos to take a little food even.. giving her fruits and vegetables but it's not helping. her intake is very limits

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| Jul 31, 2016

spicy food is too early at this age.... n ya watching videos and all can be sorted out by telling stories or engaging her on activities like giving crayons etc or the most easy way to take a baby doll n act like feeding her n appreciate it ....your daughter will definitely show interest in eating

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| Aug 01, 2016

Hi kavitha, generally if we force feed the child they don't take much food. For 1-2 days you feed your child when she asks for the food.. meanwhile don't give her any sort of food, but give liquids ( lemon + little salt + little sugar) she definitely herself asks for the food.. that's for sure. But don't continue this, just 1 or 2 days.. She understands that you r not running after her for feeding. Even while giving food you can engage her in story telling and show charts of good habits , show the kids pics who r eating the food,some healthy kid pics.. For some days u don't follow any food timings, let her ask u for the food.. if u force feed according to timings, she even hate the food which she likes. From very beginning of the age we should make the child taste everything or else they don't accept some types of food. we need a lot of patience to habituate the eating of food and even many more habits. Everything will be fine.. Try to explain her in soft voice. one more thing don't give any type of fried food before the meals, they don't show any interest to eat normal food. Don't worry about the little intake, let her take something in more intervals of time. she have to be active.. that's all.. weight increases gradually..

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