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Created by Shweta Lohani
Updated on Apr 04, 2017

Hi.... My baby is going to complete 6 month. My concern is that she is not taking milk properly she hardly sucks for 3-4 mintues and then sleep again wake up feed for 2 mintues and again sleep this goes through out the day. She is exclusively on breastfeed. I tried bottle a lot but is not ready to take it . I am exhausted as well but really worried about her health. At times I think for formula milk but she is unable to suck the bottle . These days she is peeing very less only 5-6 times a day .What should I do?

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| Apr 04, 2017

once completed 6 months switch over the feeding pattern to semi solid & solid with strained rice wit dhal water, mashed potato, sweet potato, banana; Apple puree, fresh fruit juices of pomo, Ragi porridge and it's best to start wit.... she may get into it wit New feeding pattern... keep on breastfeed for now and you have a lot of water intake..... don't worry she will be alri8

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