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Updated on Nov 05, 2015

I am 8 weeks pregnant working mother. my husband went to abroad for an project he will be staying there for one year... as husband project got extended. I am staying with my parents. but from my childhood I used to stay in hostel. so I never disclose anything with my mom and dad. yesterday I went for scanning. I felt very bad seeing all couples together and cried a lot. feeling really upset. whether I have to call my husband back?if I call him he lose his job.

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| Nov 05, 2015

Depression in pregnancy is very common. You would feel drepessed even if your husband was here and only reason would have changed. Look at the bigger picture, calling your husband at the expense of leaving his job is not a very good idea. You can keep in touch with him through various other means. And lastly u can join him abroad once you have delivered.

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| Nov 10, 2015

Hi dear, I have gone though the same situation during my pregnancy. My husband had to go to US when I was in my 8th month. And I was with my family during that time. It was difficult but I utilized that time having special bonding with my family and specially my mum. We used to have long walks and conversations. I also taught her to use laptop and learnt many favourite receipes from her. Also I used to read baby related books and meet my school friends. Had skype calls with hubby when I used to go to doctor. Although I missed him the most when I had my baby in my hand for the first time but once you have a baby you won't have time for yourself forget about missing him later. Also the moment was special when he returned after 3 months and holded the baby in his hands. So take it as a temporary phase and try to divert your mind and attention to something positive as your baby can have the same feelings too. Good luck

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