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Updated on Mar 29, 2016

Hi. M a new mom of a 4 yr boy. Its been 2 yrs m married. I want to ask a serious question to all the first timer moms. I mean, its kinda serious to me. I live in a joint family with my parents in law n siblings in law. My issue is, i get a very minimal help from my elders in taking care f the baby. Plus, my husband also pays little attention towards the baby. He is always buzy either in his work or phone. He enjoys video games n cricket matches more then plsying with baby. In the night as well, he sleeps on his time no matter is baby has slept or not. Even if baby wakes up or cries in the middle of night He never wakes up. I only have to handle the baby alone. I know he loves his son a lot but dont want to put efforts with him n expects me to do everything. May be he is escaping from responsibility. But i want to ask if the same scenario exists with other mothers as well? I feel like taking care f him like a single parent. Minimal help from my husband and other family members.

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| Mar 31, 2016

I understand ur concern as my hubby is also similar. So I have to keep a full time maid for helping me with the household chores and I keep reminding my hubby about spending at least sometime with his son so that he gets attached to his father..... though still that time is hardly a few minutes..... But what to do.... I have to give him full attention and cater to all his needs whether in the house or outside.....

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