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Feels shy

3 to 7 years

Created by Sudhamanoj
Updated on Mar 21, 2016

My kid is not interacting with anyone. If some known person asks her anything about her school or something she is not replying and feels shy, but in home she is too talkative. How can i help e my kid socially moving.

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| Mar 22, 2016

It's helpful, thanks for the guidance.

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| Mar 21, 2016

Truly said shika ji My daughter is too of d same nature I always try to motivate her and always praises her for even a small smile she does to an outsider. Pls. Do tell ur kid where you are going whom we r going to meet, fun v r going to have at that place, ask her to shout loudly when going for a long drive. Make her join her for an art class or a sports club bcoz she needs to interact with her frnds Never compare her Never demotivate her I had practically gone through this stage in my daughter Now shez completely an extrovert

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| Mar 21, 2016

Hi Sudhamanoj! Yes it's indeed frustrating to have a child who speaks a lot at home but is a completely different persona the moment she steps out of the home. This is simply reflective of the fact that she is a shy child and takes time to open up in front of people other than family members. it's not something which she is doing intentionally, it's just that due to her personality she becomes conscious,a passive being and is unable to open up and express herself. She feels others are judging her and would make fun of her if she would express herself. Sudha, u have a tough job lined up for u, for which u require to be a lot more patient, appreciating ,motivating as well as continuous in your effort. The moment she steps out of the house, u are required to wear the cap of a motivator and appreciate her when she greets others, replies to their queries . Tell her before leaving home,if she talks to others u will reward her with her favorite dish or favorite TV cartoon for half an hour or so. This is the only way to motivate her by doing something she likes. Also appreciate her when she greets and replies to others query. if she doesn't open up please avoid scolding or getting angry as this would further demotivate her. At home u can do role plays and tell her how she is supposed to reply. Also u can bring a mike on which u can take turns and speak few lines on a topic. Appreciate her when she tries. if possible make her join a hobby class,preferably dramatics, dance or story telling classes where she is required to participate actively. I am sure Sudha,she will come around soon and u will soon see coming her out of her shell. Hope this helps!

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