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Created by Niti Saini
Updated on Jun 03, 2017

hi frnds m baby having fever from last wed night .. nd yesterday nit he crying so much for 1 hr ... doc said its viral fvr .. any one hv suggestion what shud i do ??? he taking solid food properly bt he is not taking my feed properly .. plz help

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| Jun 03, 2017

Dear Niti, l always maintain a temperature chart if my son has fever. The intensity and the frequency of the fever is very important for a doctor to understand the fever pattern of your child. For example, if yesterday the fever came 4 hourly and today it is coming 6 hourly. ..It means the frequency has reduced. The degree of the temperature helps a doctor to comprehend whether it is a viral fever or something else. Please give "water patti ' and full body sponge time to time if the fever is high. Please visit the pediatrician of your baby for proper guidance.

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| Jun 03, 2017

hi Niti Saini! is he suffering from cold,runny nose and / or congestion too? if yes, he feels difficult to breathe while sucking milk that's y he is avoiding your feed. make sure his head is little elevated while feeding also u could put a drop or two of lukewarm water ( please check temperature on your hand,it shouldn't be too hot) mixed with a pinch of salt in each nostril with a dropper. he might sneeze and his clogged nose will open. he will be able to take milk. hope this will be of help to u!

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