Feverless vaccinations vs vaccination which gives fever

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Created by Induja
Updated on Nov 27, 2016

Hi mommies, I came to know that there are two types of vaccinations, for one type baby gets fever after vaccination and other one is feverless vaccination which is costlier. My friend tells vaccination which gives fever is good as it shows that the medicine reacts. Is it true? Which one is recommended? Please advice.

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| Nov 29, 2016

Hi, I have asked the expert and came to know, DTwP vaccines are preferred over DTaP vaccines as DTwP are more potent over DTaP. And also read the below on a blog: Should you opt for painless vaccines for your child? Painless vaccines or DTaP vaccines are costlier than DTwP vaccines. Are they really worth the cost? Primary vaccination of an infant should preferably be done with regular DTwP vaccines or the combination vaccines containing DTwP. Reason for this is, they provide better immunity as compared to DTaP vaccines in spite of being cheaper, than the later. Recent research has also shown that DTaP fails to prevent transmission and spread of Pertussis among people, as it does not prevent Pertussis from entering and living inside the airways of vaccinated persons. So, the vaccinated persons are themselves immune but can still spread the disease to unvaccinated people or persons with weak immunity. There were events of Pertussis outbreaks in USA and developed world where painless vaccines are commonly used

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| Nov 27, 2016

ok great. Thank u Ishita :)

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| Nov 27, 2016

No it's not like that... painless vaccination are better baby will not suffer with a pain n fever ,all are useless talks without any proof so go for painless,most of these vaccinations are imported from European countries n r expensive n developed countries like US prefer painless only.

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