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fighting among each other

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Created by Sanjana Aggarwal
Updated on Mar 23, 2017

my children always fight without any reason.... if i counsel them my elder daughter starts making faces... which makes me angry

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| Apr 01, 2017

Shikha's suggestions are very nice

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| Mar 25, 2017

Thx so much Shikha for guiding .....hope this will help me

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| Mar 23, 2017

hi Sanjana! sibling rivalry is part of growing up and is normal for a healthy relationship between siblings. if u feel they are just arguing and not hitting or making personal comments , then u could even ignore their fights. but in case these are beyond verbal arguments and they sometimes end up in hitting and hurting each other , then it's time u lay down some basic rules. no hitting is allowed. if someone is hurt, then all will get punished equally no matter whose fault was it. no name -calling is allowed. no one should complain to u, as u won't entertain any Complaints. Sanjana u have to be firm and stick to these rules. avoid taking sides and scolding elder one each time as probably it's not her fault always. also make sure , if u have to correct someone , do it later, when things are settled down and in a separate room. don't scold the child in front of siblings as that would further make the situation worse and also the child who is being scolded again and again would have poor self confidence and might also get rebellious. hope this helps!

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| Mar 23, 2017

plz guide

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