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Updated on Apr 24, 2014

I would really appreciate Finger Food suggestions for my 9 MO son. Thanks!

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Ankita A Talwar

| Apr 29, 2014

Hi Neetika, If he has started on milk products, you could give him sauteed paneer cubes. Otherwise, softened fruit, boiled potatoes cut into bite sizes, and things like fresh bread cut into strips will be helpful.

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| Apr 25, 2014

Hi Neekita, try small pieces of apples (with the skin removes), pieces of banana, soft broken cookies, cornflakes, broken idlis.. You may give your baby anything which is soft, in small pieces so that your baby can hold and put it into his mouth without much difficulty. Please avoid sweets or food which are hard and may choke him. Finally, let him make a mess, this is how he will learn to eat :)

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