First aid kit for an 8 month old baby

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Updated on Aug 28, 2017

Please suggest a good list as part of the first aid kit of my baby girl of 8 months. She is getting hurt ad she just started crawling n trying to stand up. any help appreciated

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| Aug 29, 2017

I usually have thermometer (forehead thermometer is easier to use), crocin syrup, dropper or syringe for measuring the syrup, moisturizer /petroleum jelly like Vaseline, calamine lotion, bug spray/ mosquito repellent, cotton, bandaid, scissors, safety pins, gauze, cotton balls, antiseptic cream (soframycin), antiseptic liquid (Dettol). Make icepack / ice cubes available in freezer all the time, Saline nasal drops. I also keep the following items which you may not require for your baby - different sized adhesive plasters(can be very harsh on baby's skin. So avoid for your baby), hydrocortisone cream, non-latex gloves, hand sanitizer (avoid using for babies), pain relief gel like volini, tweezer and other prescription medicine and OTC medicines. You can also add nasal aspirator bulb if your child doesn't know how to blow the nose.

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| Aug 28, 2017

Hi Daina, ask your baby's pedestrian to prescribe some ointment.

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