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Created by Monika
Updated on Feb 26, 2014

Hi Parents, I live in a locality where there is no park or area for children to play What should i do to keep my child fit and healthy in this case? My son is 6 year old. Please suggest.

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| Feb 26, 2014

Hi Monica, u can take ur son for a walk on ur street talking with him , showing trees and leaves . U can take him to ur terrace and show him birds, sunset etc. U can play tennicoit or shuttle inside ur house as well. U can fit a dart board inside ur house or u can find a suitable place and fit a basket and buy a basket ball. Kids love to play now and then. Also boys are fond of bat and ball. If u have place in ur car park or around ur apt, u can make him ride his cycle. When traffic is not much u can take him out to ride and u can follow him slowly in two wheeler. U can also jog with him . U can also have pets. Taking pets along for a walk will be of great fun. If he likes shopping or window shopping u can take him to supermarkets or malls. Now a days indoor play areas are in malls etc. one day picnic to nearby places, adventure sports, camping on weekends will be a great experience. Enjoy!

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| Feb 26, 2014

Hi Monika! Here is a link to fitness corner where in you can find answer to similar query that you may find relevant:

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