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Created by Aksa Shaikh
Updated on Jul 21, 2016

Hie moms!! I wanted to ask can i introduce flash cards for my 11 month baby boy? Plz guide

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| Jul 21, 2016

Hi Aksa, I have a different point of view. In my opinion Flash cards don't do much. (just an opinion). Using the real objects in place of flash cards will have much more impact on your child. If You want your child to learn vegetables, open the fridge and show him the vegetables, let him touch and feel them. you Cut them into half and show. Let him taste some of them. You want him to learn about animals, show the animals in the garden, in the zoo, in the park. Let him observe what sound they make, what they eat, how they walk. Let him touch a dog or cat and see how soft the fur is. Point out at things and keep talking about them for language development. In majority of our households, we ask the children where is the fan, where is the light etc. The child may learn the word. But may not understand what it could do. similarly when you show the flashcard, Child may try to remember the words for sometime. But he may forget it if you don't keep repeating the same words. But if you Turn the switch on and off your child will understand the switch can control the fan and light. Experiential learning will last longer than flash cards. I feel with flash cards, one can only aim to teach. But the experience with real objects will make the child learn.

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| Jul 21, 2016

Yes you can start using it

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