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focus and interest and to be active in studies. age 7 years

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jun 01, 2016

my son is very active and talented and a speed learner he can catch up things fast and he is furious also all over it can say very aggressive / hyper in his works but when it comes to his studies he is very lazy in writing he knows everything but will not put up on papers . I make sure he can sleep for 8 hours per day yet he feels sleepy in mornings will you suggest me on this issues please

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| Jun 01, 2016

Hi Saba Firdose! How r u! I understand your son is very active in play and has sharp memory but when it comes to studies he lacks interest. Children are curious by nature and ready to learn all the time. It's when we adults confine studies to one room and restrict learning to be with pen and paper , studies become boring and child looses interest. This is a common problem with most of the children ..Saba Firdose first of all its essential that we plan a fixed routine for the child where he knows this is time for studies and there is no escape. If he doesn't follow it ,u need to take away some of his privileges. Also when he studies in the beginning itself briefly let him know what u r going to focus on. Also when u teach him take examples from day to day life to make studies interesting. Add life to your teaching style. Be as innovative as possible. Just pen and paper won't work add color , art , music ,humour and many other forms to the teaching- learning process. explain in two or three ways so that the message becomes clear. Show real objects and draw diagrams. Ask him to reproduce what he has learnt through writing. Last and most important point be liberal with praise , hugs,kisses, claps for him. Give reward when he does good work. don't loose your tempers or raise your voice as this demotivates the child. Saba u need to sit with the child to recreate that lost interest. Hope this helps!

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