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Updated on Sep 26, 2017

which food chart to follow for a 1 year old baby boy

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| Sep 26, 2017

Hi Hardeep, this routine i followed for my baby: At 7 Am begin with breastfeed,8. 30 -9 o'clock give breakfast : idli, half bowl sabudana/ cerelac/ suji/oats/ daliya. 10 o'clock give some fruit or puree, boiled vegetables, fruits. 12. 30 -1 Give lunch of rice pulse ,and one steamed vegetables or chappati mashed in milk or daal/ khichdi/ curd rice. 2-2. 30 some juices/ breastfeed , 4. 30-5 some snacks like youghurt with sliced fruits/ upma/chilla/poha/ ragi porridge .6- 7 you can give breastmilk. 8. 30- 9 o'clock give dinnerof chappati mashed in milk or daal/ stuffed parathas(if your baby can chew). At bedtime you can again breastfeed. Dont force , let her eat whatever amount she wants. Engage her in play and then feed. Avoid spices as baby's digestive system is not that much strong. You should breastfeed 7-9 times a day. As your baby grow reduce breastfeed and increase other foods. read this blog for intial baby foods: Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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