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Created by Puja Suman Basran
Updated on Oct 28, 2017

plzz tel me 6 months old baby diet

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| Oct 29, 2017

start with rice and daal specially yellow moong daal. cerelac, fruit puree, vegetable puree can be given bt slowly. dnt introduce wheat or any readymade packed food nw. let her settle down with home made items first. before introducing any new thing follow 3 day rule to know if she is allegic to any food. avoid salt and sugar completely till 10-11 mnth. continue bf or formula feed as major part of her diet. hope it helps.

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| Oct 28, 2017

hi Puja Sumran Basra! u could start with daal Pani and rice water or home made cereal.. try a new dish for a week at least for baby to develop it's tatse. u could begin her day with breastfeed, home made cerelac in braekfast, daal ka Pani in lunch , cerelac in dinner, and gradually add fruit purees in few days time. u can breastfeed 6 to 8 times in between. dishes may vary. here is a blog on various recipes that can be introduced. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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| Oct 28, 2017

firstly start with milk and any wheat biscuit. then go for another food item like khichri dal kaa pani, fruit juices and pulps, Suzi, dalia etc.

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