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Created by Jayana Barot
Updated on Jul 27, 2017

I have daughter almost 2years old but she is not having enough food so now in dis case what should I do for her???? I became very angry when she never take even a single bit!

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| Jul 27, 2017

Hi every kid will pass this stage... even my daughter used to be like this I also used to get very angry on her for not eating and complaints from family members that she is not at all eating hearing all such nonsense we get more and more pissed off... keeping my ears down.. I started to try with different taste of foods... going to different places to feed her... for one meel we used to go to park( only me and my daughter) one meal we used to roam in road, next put her some rhymes.... but for every meal they will demand for rhymes but don't entertain... since she is 2 she can eat the foods that we take but with less spice and oil... try and see the difference... thank you

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| Jul 27, 2017

Hello Jayana, please restrict her milk consumption to 500ml in a day. Try to maintain at least 2 hrs gap between two meals. Prepare homemade nutritious but tasty dishes for her. Serve her food in nice and colourful plates and bowls. Make her evening tiffin little bit attractive.. like homemade vegetables pasta, rava idli, mixed fruits chaat, vegetable-bread balls etc. You can also take some food with you when it is her feeding time. Fabricate nice stories during her feeding time... engage her in solving puzzles.. she will eat the food.. l generally ask my son to paste stickers in his sticker book.

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