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Updated on Apr 29, 2014

Hi everyone!   What all can I make my 10 month old eat? Keeping in my mind that I want him to develop taste for everything.  TIA :)

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| Apr 29, 2014

Hi Manas! A 10 month old can eat everything and anything u have been eating. If you want to begin with u cud mash solid food or make it in semi solid form. U cud give Kheers such as suji, rice, sabudana, Dalia kheer etc, u cud give paranthas in small pieces, serve all the sabjis in a state little softer to chew. U cud serve long pieces of salad such as carrot, cucuMber, etc, u can cook dalia with all vegetables such as beans, carrot, bottle gourd, potato, grinded in mixer, u cud give poha, upma, sevian etc. u should make the child taste everything u cook at home. Encourage self eating by serving solid food such as chapati, parantha, dosa etc in small pieces. Or giving finger foods in hands. Hope this helps!

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| May 07, 2014

hi,i too agree with shikha that a 10-yr old can eat almost all what we eat except that the spice level has to be low. Any new food, please experiment with a small quantity,preferably for breakfast/lunch(not dinner) and observe the baby for a week. observe if there is any visible allregy/stools/urine and then if the baby is ok with the food, u can continue. never introduce 2 types of new foods simultaneously.

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