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Updated on Sep 06, 2017

Hii. My baby is 7months old n only she is 7kg. i am so much worried. Her doctor said it is important for babies to be active. there is no issue with weight gain as it happens slowly with some babies. my baby was born with a weight of 2. 5kg. though doc said not to worry i could not keep quiet as a mother. please do suggest me the food which i can give my baby to increase weight. i am giving potatoes, banana, papaya, apples inthe form of puree. is it safe. please moms help me out.

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| Sep 06, 2017

hi Harini Vunnava , if your baby is active please do not worry about weight. as your baby is in 7 month, may be its her teething period. in teething period baby poops alot, and have poor eating which causes low in weight. try to add home made butter and ghee in her diet. give her food that is rich in carbohydrate like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, different types of daals. add suji in her diet in form of kheer and halwa. it will help in weight gain.

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