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Created by Sneha Pawar
Updated on Oct 01, 2015

My baby baby is 18 months old,doesn't like eating solid food ,I tried everything making it interesting, but I end up giving her milk thtswht she like,don't know what to do?

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| Oct 03, 2015

Thank you for ur suggestions I have been trying this since 2days.... it really testing my patience.. Hope it ll work...

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| Oct 02, 2015

Hi... my dd is 1yr+ she doesn't eat food properly as soon as she gets up she wants gems or any chocolate to eat... I have to shout at her then she eats lil.. and when her dad is at home she plays and eat properly but when with me it is totally opposite.. we stay alone I hav to do household wrk so I don't get time to talk or play with her.. that's why she doesnt like to stay with me at home if i take her out she is happy but she don't want to be at home... Wat to do.. she is too fussy to handle...

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| Oct 01, 2015

Hi Sneha, you wll have to keep trying and experimenting till you find out what is it that your baby likes--salty food or sweet foods etc. Though it may sound very hard, but sometimes, letting the child be hungry does the trick. Skip the milk feed for one time for him and when he gets really hungry, offer him food and his chances of accepting that food will increase. Also, do not force feed but give him as much he likes in whatever quantity. It is a cycle that you need to break--the child wants milk, you offer him milk, he drinks it and fulfills his hunger, rejects solid food. So somewhere break this pattern. Hope this helps.

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| Oct 01, 2015

Hi Sneha, it seems that its every house' story. I have heard that kids at this age throw tantrums for eating. What works for me is i try to offer him variety and never force him to finish or eat more. If he doesnt want to eat more than 5-6 bites then its ok. for that moment i stop feeding him. Then after sometime i start eating some fruit or a healthy snack. Seeing me eating he also comes back to eat and if he finds it tasty then he asks for more otherwise spits. So experimenting and giving options frequently is what helping me. Though i would not say that i am 100% successful as he still drinks milk more than anything else. And i'm sure the day he leaves drinking the milk from bottle he would start eating solid foods. You could try this as early as possible.

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