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Updated on Jun 16, 2017

hi.. my daughter is 1. 4 months old..... she still feels difficulty​ to swallow small pieces of food life cooked veg, cut fruits ....but if I do rough mash and give she eats..... her cousin of 2 months younger swallow big chunks of food since she was 7 months.... family members always balme me for this . I thought introducing bit chunks at 7 8 months nt good ..... should wait till 6 more months, now she capable of eating rice with hardly mashed, idly, dosa, scrambled egg, cooked meat(mashed)... for me I think I'm doing right with my baby, BT when my family members compare my child with her cousin nd blames, I feel bad.... even I tried to give her pieces of food BT she colf nd pukes out.. so stopped.... I thought of to introduce gradually, BT by listening others complaint I feel i done wrong bcoz I ve nt introduced pieces good early stage... plz tel me how should make my child to eat pieces of food

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| Jun 16, 2017

hi Nandini! if u will go by what others say, they will always find fault with u no matter what u do. u did what u thought is in the best interest of your child. u don't need to give explanation to anyone for this. it's not that late. gradually thicken the consistency and she will accept it sooner or later. even if she pukes, don't panic as that's okay and it could happen with any child. have u heard of an adult who can't chew ( without any known medical cause) ?I guess not, eventually we all have learnt to chew, so she will learn too sooner or later.. relax Nandini and come out of this guilt feeling. she will come around soon. take good care of yourself dear.

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