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Created by Roopa Hasbimath
Updated on Mar 01, 2017

can u pls suggest me wat food to give morning, noon and night for my 1 year 2 month daughter

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| Mar 01, 2017

does ur baby has teeth? if not then i think parathas n all wont work. wat i gave to my son is as follows- 1) if woke up before 8 am then 100 ml milk, if after 8 then give ragi porridge/suji kheer/ seviya kheer mashed in mixer. 2) 12 pm khichdi with mix veg or egg/ potato rice 3) 3 pm milk rice/milk chapati 4) 5 pm milk or suji kheer 5) 8 pm dal rice or chapati dal. Reduce giving milk at day time, babies need full fledged food like us at this age. hope this is helpfull. good luck

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| Mar 01, 2017

hii Roopa depends on when she gets up in the morning. 8 o'clock you should give breakfast of salty mixed veg daliya or oats or upma. at 12 or 12. 30 give proper lunch of rice, pulse, some veg and if she likes then curd. in between breakfast and lunch you can give some fruits like pieces of apple , oranges, a handful of pomegranate etc.. in evening you can give some snacks you can also prepare poha , upma etc . dinner you can prepare some paneer, potato , cauliflower, cabbage stuffed parathas or chappati milk or chapati daal , whatever she likes.

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