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Updated on Feb 01, 2014

Hi parents, please suggest some food options for my toddler. He just turned 15 months.

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| Feb 01, 2014

Hi Ravina, thanks for sharing. You may have a look at the below link that you may find relevant:

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| Feb 02, 2014

Hi dear Ravina! Congratulations on this milestone. U cud serve whatever u eat and u need not prepare anything special for him. Like u cud give him soft idlis made of Suji and curd, poha, upma, dosa, give her all the homemade cooked vegetables with less of masalas, dals can be served after mashing, u cud give her paranthas with small bites, boiled potatoes, boiled rice, bread, custard, kheer, fruits puréed or mashed, etc. the only thing u need to be careful about is the size of the bite should be small so that it doesn't get stuck in her throat, it shd be easily ingested, n soft on stomach, it shd not be too spicy or sugary. To begin with make sure u r nearby before serving solid food, n u cud make small bites and allow the child to have it on his own. Please do not worry about the mess created. It is believed children who eat on their own n feel the food r more independent as far as eating habits are concerned. All d best!

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| Feb 04, 2014

Dear Ravina, you may take a look at this following blog for some wonderful ideas. It really helped me. Here is the link

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