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Bharathi Gururajan

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Jan 14, 2016

my daughter completed six months now what things can i start to eat for her

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Priya Yadav

| Jan 17, 2016

My paedetrician advised me to start with Dal water, 10 ml, 20 ml, 20 ml and Max 30 ml in a week and no other food in a week. Similarly started rice water in a very low quantity 10 ml, 20 - 30 ml in a week, and then started adding green boiled vegetable water... just start on a low and don't introduce any new idea food in next three days... also increase the quantity slowly.. Also, avoid salt and sugar. Keep them minimal. Salt is tough for babies kidney to breakdown and sugar also have tooth decay and other issues. My paedetrician advised me a no of things at the time of vaccination scheduled at 6 month end. If you are going for same, consult him for same

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