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Created by Hetal Savla
Updated on Dec 16, 2018

I m going to pilgrimage with my 16 months old daughter . so please suggest some food which can be easily prepared n can be given to her . which cerelac is best to be given to 16 months old baby

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| Dec 16, 2018

hi Hetal Savla ! u could carry precooked cereals like Dalia, home made cerelac, poha ,upma etc. roast it and store in air tight containers and when needed add hot water and serve. u could also feed banana, apple puree, papaya puree ,chiku etc. which could be freshly bought and pureed . also u can serve yogurt, cheese sticks, potato sticks..

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| Dec 16, 2018

hi Hetal Savla ! u cud carry semisolid purees, fruits, pack of cereals, dry fruits, jelly gums, choclates.

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