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Updated on Jan 23, 2020

I'll be soon travelling with my 1 year old, is there any natural ready-to-eat packed foods I can carry? Any recommendations?

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| Jan 23, 2020

Hello Monika Maheshwari you can prepare your own ready to eat foods rather than getting packed foods for your baby as for sure it contains preservatives. You can make powder with various grains and just you have to add hot water to make it into porridge and feed your baby. First option is rice. You can add few rice dry roast it, then add moong dal roast it that also few pepper cones, jeera. Powder it nicely and store. Second option is roast poha and moong dal separately. Powder it and store it. You can also roast ragi and moong dal separately powder it and store it. You can even add groundnut to this ragi and moong dal. Another option is roast puffed rice and bengal gram separately. Powder it and store it. Even you can make with broken wheat dry roast it roast some bengal gram grind and store. Make sure that you roast properly everything before powdering it. Even if your baby like elachi flavor you can add after dry roasting it also while grinding. You can adjust the consistency by adding hot water. Water should be really hot also which are you going to add into the powder mix. Other than porridges you can carry carrot, apples, banana and offer them as finger foods. You can also make some travel snacks like besan ladoo, some home made cookies. Depending upon how many days travel you can plan foods accordingly.

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