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Sharon David
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Updated on Sep 26, 2015

Hello.... my son. 15 months old and is bored of eating the same moong dal khichdi and daliya for lunch and dinner..... i still serve him pureed food as he has got only four teeth... kindly suggest me sum gud recipes fr his lunch, dinner and breakfast too.... thanks..

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| Sep 28, 2015

Hi Sharon. Try to move on to chunky food from pureed food. Babies have a srtong gum and can chew well even if they have a few teeth. Try giving him pastas, broken pieces of cookies, cornflakes etc to experience the different textures of food.

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abhilasha Ayyagari

| Sep 26, 2015

Hi Sharon, I feel your son is old enough to eat the usual lunch and dinner that you prepare for yourself at home everyday. That includes all the vegetables, curries, dal. Mash the rice along with the prepared vegetable and dal and feed him(not very spicy though). His taste buds will develop eventually!! Hope this helps!!! Happy parenting!!!

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