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Created by Sanvi Sen
Updated on Oct 12, 2015

My 3 yr old son is very fussy eater. He does not eat fruits but take juices. He is very choosy plus suggest how to encourage him to eat well

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| Oct 13, 2015

Thanks for ur valuable advice. I will definitely try this.

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| Oct 13, 2015

Hi Sanvi! These lil picky eaters test our patience at times and on purpose do sort of things to vex us. I would advise u to maintain yr cool and try some strategies which would change his perception about fruits. Take a washed apple cut it into round shape 4 or 5 thin slices and then with the help of seeds make eyes and with red peel make a smiley or a frown face or a confused face with twisting and turning red peel. Try putting salt on one, pepper powder on another or black salt on another and ask him which one he likes. The moment he gives a bite to the slice, make face with a frown ,a happy one. Build a story around it. Start with one fruit and continue for a week or so. Similarly u could make a sunny day in garden on another day or a cloudy day on another .once he has developed taste for sweet fruit like pears, apple, banana,u could give sweet and sour fruits a shot like orange, lime, strawberry,grapes etc. U need to do some homework and come up with many innovative plots to make yr picky eater be involved in these. Ask him what he would like today's pic to be on. Don't forget to have a plate for yrself. Tell him when we take out juice, we have to peel the fruit, cut it into pieces and then grind it in juicer. So the fruit is hurt and is lost in the juicer (show him the left overs). So to make it happy,we need to have whole slices. I know this might sound weird but that's the best way to tell him, why it is better to have fruit as it is rather than its juice. Parise on giving it a try. With the artist in you roll,I am sure Sanvi you would be able to rein in his dislike for fruits. Don't forget not to loose yr temper as this might require lot of patience from yr end. hope this works!

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