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Updated on Aug 06, 2013

wht food i give to m child age 13 month

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| Aug 07, 2013

Hi Sachin. You may refer to the blog -

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| Aug 06, 2013

Hi Sachin! A 13 month old can eat whatever a grown up child can eat. if u like u cud make it little softer by cooking little bit more. it is advisable it should be less spicy. one shd include one or two servings of fruits such as an apple, banana, papaya, grapes etc. if u like u could mash it and serve. one shd give milk in different forms such as curd, mashed paneer, suji kheer, custard,etc.. u cud try giving vegetable dalia,rice dal khichri, malai parantha which is soft n easily chewed, u cud try giving vegetable soup which if need be grind finely.. u cud give boiled potatoes, rice idli, upma, soft dosas can be given. boiled eggs which are semi solid or non veg soup could also be given. fat requirement is more during this period. so u cud put desi ghee in dals soups etc. hope this helps!

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