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Updated on Apr 20, 2017

hi my boy is now 7month old. what type of food should give him and the time schedule tell me friends

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| Apr 20, 2017

Night after 10 to morning 5 or 6 breastfeeding. After 6 in the morning go on with raagi or mixed health drink (without sugar or salt) After 10am feed him half an idly or whatever u prepare like (upma, kichidi, semiya) if possible add 2 r 3 tsp of breastmilk, smash it & feed Around 12pm feed him some fruit juice (do not blended) just the juice of the fruit. Around 2pm feed him 3 full spoon of rice with dhaal/ rasam/ or simply Boiled veggies. Note : u can breastfeed him now and then I'm middle of these. & feed water becoz of this hot summer. Evening u can just try with banana or snacks like marie gold or krack jack with water. For dinner plz make it very simple food that can easily digest (half idly or rasam rice or simply fruits). Don't force baby if he is not eating solid food and don't consider other people saying to force, if babies or not tummy full they will get what they want and how much they want also u breastfeeding right so he will b having enough food. Try to give him a place in ur family dining keeping a separate plate for him give something that u have to sit and eat. This makes a good eating habit. Let them spill it or make messy leave it as they enjoy it.

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