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3 to 7 years

Created by Rajani Maheshwaram
Updated on May 06, 2017

hai my son is nt having any food plz suggest me which type of food is given to him

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| May 06, 2017

hi Rajni! it's every mother's concern so I completely understand how u feel. its advisable to give your child variety as children get bored with same options and need a Desparate change. try changing the cuisine. if u have been giving him South Indian​ , try giving homemade Punjabi style food say kulcha chana, chole bhature, dahi vada, Pao bhaji. or chinese etc with a twist of healthy ingredients and add color to it. as far as possible avoid coaxing him to have food. just make him sit on the dining table and offer what is being served to others. make meal time happy family time . I am sure he would love to join in. tkcare!

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| May 06, 2017

suggest food

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